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What is Vidalista professional?

  • This is medically and scientifically approved, and FDA-certified medical treatment for curing the condition of erectile dysfunction. The inability of the penis to remain active while performing sexual intercourse. The personal struggles to keep the penis erect, intense, and steady while having sexual intercourse. Vidalista works as a catalyst and aids in bringing a sufficient amount of direction to the penis to perform sexual intercourse with complete satisfaction, efficiency, pleasure, and intensity. 

About Vidalista professional?

  • This has Tadalafil as the Ingredient, which relaxes, releases, and smoothens the blood vessels to supply a sufficient amount of blood to the pelvic region for bringing the right kind of erection penis during sexual intercourse. 

How does Vidalista professional work?

  • Tadalafil, the main component of Vidalista professional, dissolves in the blood of the person, reaches the pelvic region through blood vessels, and eventually aiding in bringing the right kind and amount of election to the penis. That enables the person to perform sexual intercourse without hesitation and nervousness. 

Can you take every day Vidalista professional?

  • Yes. Ideally, maintain at least 24 hours’ difference between two doses of Vidalista. So, one can take the pills Vidalista professional of every day after getting a prescription from the physician and an approving nod to move forward with the course.

Vidalista professional dosage

  • One Should take pills of Vidalista Professional with normal water without chewing, crushing, grinding, or grating to intact the essence of the medicine. Moreover, a person can take the dose with or without food but should avoid grapefruits consumption. 
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Missed Dose

  • One should not miss, skip, or forget the doses of Vidalista to get the best and most effective results. Missing one dose can reduce the probabilities of improving the situation by many folds. So, inform the doctor in case missed the pills during the course. 


  • Excess presence of Vidalista Professional on the body can lead to numerous side effects and adverse health consequences on the person’s wellbeing. So, one should take neither overdose on the pills of Vidalista nor go for self-medication to prevent the long-term health impacts. Moreover, keep the doctor informed in all cases.   

Vidalista Warnings

1.Avoid Alcohol consumption: The person following the course of Vidalista should stop the consumption of alcohol during that period. Otherwise, there could be some adverse reactions and harmful health impacts on the entire body mechanism of the person. 

2.Allergic to Tadalafil – The main component of Vidalista professional is Tadalafil. That is responsible for smoothening and releasing blood vessels to the blood flow in the person’s entire body, particularly to the pelvic region. So, the people who are allergic to Vidalista (Tadalafil) should restrain from consuming the pills to cure erectile dysfunction.

3.Pregnant women: Tadalafil injection in the body of pregnant women may prove to be hazardous and harmful. So, the women who are pregnant or planning to conceive a child should not follow the prescription of Vidalista professional without getting a positive direction from the doctor. 

4.Women who breastfeed – Even Vidalista is not safe for consumption for the women who breastfeed their children. In such cases, the chemical essence of Vidalista may get transmitted to the body of the child and disturb the natural growth and development process and rate. Ask for the doctor’s advice before beginning the prescription of the medicine Vidalista professional in case of breastfeeding.

5.Neither drive nor operate heavy machinery – The person under the influence of the drug Vidalista should avoid driving and operation of heavy and hefty machinery to eliminate the chances of fatal accidents and injuries.

6.Follow the doctor’s prescription – First and foremost, the person should follow the directions and guidelines of the doctor before, during, and after the while following the description of Vidalista.   

Vidalista Professional Side Effects

There are specific side effects of consuming the doses of Vidalista Professional, which are most frequently seen and observed on the wellbeing of the person taking the pills. However, there is nothing to be concerned about because most of these side effects are mild and temporary and recover in a short span. Some of them are here. 

1.Flushing: As blood flow increases in the blood vessels, there are chances that the person’s skin may become flushing. However, the condition improves as the effect of the dose fades away.

2.Headache: The person following the doses of Vidalista may experience mild or severe headaches, depending upon the duration of the course and severity of erectile dysfunction. 

3.Sleeplessness and dizziness – Vidalista Professional chemical composition makes the person feel sleeplessness, dizziness, or discomfort while sleeping. 

4.Bloody nose: There are pretty good chances that the person consuming the uses of Vidalista might go through a phase where the gust of blood becomes so fast that it leads to a bloody nose. 

5.Burning – The following cause of Vidalista Professional as a medical prescription to cure the condition of erectile dysfunction or impotence might become susceptible to burning sensations in the throat, esophagus, stomach, chest, and mouth. Such phenomena are for a short time and need medical attention if the situation worsens.   

6.Vision changes or sensitivity to light: One of the most severe side effects of following the medical prescription Vidalista is by impacting the person’s vision. The person may find it difficult to distinguish between different colors; sight may become blurry or lose sight entirely.    

7.Hearing loss – Another severely impacting side effect of Vidalista Professional is on the person’s hearing ability. The person may start losing the senses of hearing slowly and gradually after beginning the prescription of Vidalista Professional. Letter on, the person may experience buzzing sound, ringing voices, or complete loss of hearing eventually. Under such cases, immediate doctor’s attention is mandatory in remedial medication should begin instantly.

8.Prolonged erection and painful urination: Excess consumption or overdosing on the doses of Vidalista Professional can prove to be fatal for the person in taking the pills. So, the person should not self-medication or take overdoses of Vidalista Professional; otherwise, will have to face adverse consequences. A prolonged erection is one of the side effects of overdosing. Moreover, the person may find it difficult while urinating, discomfort while sitting on walking, or pain in the penis.    


How long does it take for Vidalista professional to function?

  • Consume Vidalista tablet at least 30 to 45 minutes before entering into sexual intercourse. However, the efficiency and effectiveness of the drug may differ from person to person depending upon the age, body mechanics, medical history, current medical prescription, and severity of the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Where can I buy Vidalista professional online?

  • One can buy Vidalista from various online platforms. Medical websites, e-commerce websites, virtual pharmacies, online medical stores, and manufacturing companies’ websites are a few sources to purchase Vidalista Professional. However, the person should ensure the reliability, confidentiality of data, privacy, and authenticity of the original by going through the views, comments, feedback, reviews, and previous purchasers’ experiences.    

Vidalista professional, how long does it last?

  • Vidalista professional remains in the body of the person for a period of four to five hours. However, the duration may differ in some cases based on the age and body mechanism of the person.

Can I take Vidalista professional with alcohol?

  • No, one should not take Vidalista with alcohol to avoid numerous side effects. 

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120 Tablet/s, 150 Tablet/s, 300 Tablet/s, 90 Tablet/s

Active Ingredient (Generic Name)



Erectile Dysfunction


Centurion Laboratories Pvt Ltd


10 Tablets in 1 strip



Delivery Time

6 To 15 days

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