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Know About The Best Cure Available For Erectile Dysfunction Issues

  • Are you one of those males who is suffering from the issues of erectile dysfunction? Or do you know someone who is suffering from erectile dysfunction? If yes, then you should, first of all, understand the reason why this issue happens in a male. The life that a person is living is the major reason for this happening. People living under stress cause their sexual functionality to decrease, which makes changes in the body.
  • Now changing the whole lifestyle seems impossible for a person. That is why they start looking for some options which are best for treating erectile dysfunction. The best way that a person finds out is Vidalista 20. If you want to consume this medicine, then you surely go through the information that is discussed below.

About Vidalista 20mg

  • The Vidalista 20mg is a PDE5 inhibiting class action of the medicine. The medicine is best known for getting over the issues that are caused by erectile dysfunction. The medicine’s active salt is Tadalafil which is present in around 20 mg amount in the medicine. The amount is sufficient to help blood pass through the veins properly and let your penis erect properly.

How Vidalista 20mg does work?

  • The working of the Vidalista 20 depends properly on the Tadalafil salt that effect. To understand completely, you should understand that how PDE causes erectile dysfunction. PDE is a protein base which is the main reason behind narrowing the blood vessels. It goes near the penile reason and binds with the blood vessels that carry blood to the penis. Due to this, the blood supply decreases, and a person is unable to erect. Moreover, the blood comes out due to the low stamina of the person.
  • But as the person consumes the medicine, then they are going to notice the fact that Tadalafil is going to bind with the PDE. The more PDE gets blocked, the wider the blood vessels will be able to expand. Due to this, more blood is going to reach the penis, and the erection will be stronger. Along with that, the material known as cGMP is also activated in the body. The cGMP helps them in two things that is the stretching of the penis, due to which more blood is going to enter the penis and erection stronger than ever. Along with that, it does not allows the blood to come out of the penile region soon.

Can you take Vidalista 20mg every day?

If a person is suffering from issues of erectile dysfunction, then they should consume Vidalista 20 daily. But one should keep in mind that the medicine is a prescription-based medicine, and a person should keep in mind that they need to consult the doctor. The doctor is going to provide them with one dose in a day prescription. But there are a few people who may be prescribed two doses also. Such people are suffering from huge issues. After some time, they should change to one dose in a day.

To consume the medicine, there are a few guidelines. They are discussed below in detail.

  • The medicine should be consumed with water. Also, they should keep in mind that they must be consumed in the original form. No breaking or chewing of medicine should be done.
  • The medicine can be consumed with or without food. The food must be light always.
  • The time of medicine should be fixed. Also, the time should be more than 50 minutes between consumption of medicine and sexual activity. It is going to help out a person to get the best results.

Missed Dose

  • It is very common for a person to miss the dose of Vidalista 20mg. When a person is not willing to have sex, then taking medicine is not necessary. After that, if someone feels that they want the medicine, then it can be based on the consuming time of the next dose. If it is more than 12 hours, then only you must take medicine. Otherwise, the person must never consume the medicine.


  • The overdose of medicine is consumed by some people thinking that they are going to gain better results. But this is a myth. Instead, they may notice some huge effects of the medicine overdose. That is why when a person consumed the medicine overdose by mistake; then they must wait and look for the effects on the body. If it is not visible, then you should enjoy your activity. On the other hand, if the effects are visible, then you must contact the physician.

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Some of the warning signs that are published with medicine Vidalista 20 are discussed below.

  • The medicine must always be brought after prescription. Also, discuss your complete medical history when getting the prescription from the doctor.
  • People who are suffering from heart disease should not consume the medicine.
  • People with liver and kidney disease must ask their physician regarding the safety of the medicine.
  • If you are taking nitrate-based medicine, then you must not consume the medicine.
  • Alcohol should be banned when taking Vidalista 20mg. The reason behind this is that it is going to consume them side by side, then a person may face major issues. The same is going to be in the case of cigarette and marijuana smoking.
  • You should avoid tasks like driving after taking medicine due to blurred vision.

Vidalista 20 Side Effects

The side effects are mainly due to the new person consuming the medicine and its interaction with the body. Once the person gets used to the medicine consumption, then they feel like the side effects will be zero. Some of the side effects of the medicine are:-

  • Headache can be commonly noticed in people who consume the medicine.
  • A person may also notice nausea. This nausea can also lead to the issues like vomiting also.
  • Dizziness and drowsiness can also be commonly noticed in the person.
  • People who are consuming the medicine can notice blurriness in front of their eyes.
  • There is an issue of muscle pain that is also noticed by some people.
  • The stomach may remain upset for some time when a person starts the medicine. They are a few cases of diarrhea also.
  • The sleep cycle of a person gets totally disturbed due to this medicine. However, people may notice tiredness but are not able to sleep.


How Long Does It Take for Vidalista 20mg To Show Its Action?

  • The medicine is going to take around 40-50 minutes to shows its complete action on the body of the person. That is why the medicine should always be taken one hour before you think to have sex.

Where can I Buy Vidalista 20mg Online?

  • For buying the medicine online, you should take the reference of the website It is the best website that is dealing with medicine. They are going to provide the best results to the people and that too at the lowest possible price. They are going to

How long Vidalista 20 lasts?

  • The medicine is going to last for a time period of around 4-5 hours in a person. In the meantime, they can have their sexual activity properly as they are going to best results out.

What is Vidalista 20?

  • The Vidalista 20mg is a vasodilator PDE5 inhibitor class of medicine. The main reason due to which the medicine is prescribed to the person is erectile dysfunction. The medicine can be taken for a longer period of time and has a salt named Tadalafil packed in a yellow-colored tablet.

Vidalista 20mg dosage

  • The dosage of the medicine is decided to as one by the physician. But there are some people who are suffering the issues for a longer period of time are asked to take two-dose in a day.

Can I take Vidalista 20mg Sildenafil with Alcohol?

  • No, alcohol should not be consumed with the Vidalista 20mg. Alcohol affects the working of the medicine, and a person is not going to get the best results. Also, it can increase the side effects of the medicine that the body notices.

How much Tadalafil Can You Take at Once?

  • If you consider taking medicine, then the person should only take one tablet at once. No matter how much you are prescribed by the physician, a person should take only one dose at once.

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