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What is Super Vidalista?

  • Super Vidalista is a solid and powerful drug used for curing the problem of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. It has two main chemical compositions, Tadalafil 20mg, and Dapoxetine 60mg. There are responsible for bringing a sufficient amount of direction to the penis during sexual intercourse.
  • The issues and concerns of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are soaring high in men between the age of 18 to 65 years. Every 1 out of 5 men is struggling with erectile dysfunction or sudden and untimely ejaculation. However, the concerns and worries of men are no more an issue of trouble as the treatments for erectile dysfunction and untimely for premature ejaculation are readily available.  

About Super Vidalista 

  • This is a solid drug to cure erectile dysfunction and premature is acceleration compared to other existing drugs and medications. The active ingredients of the drug Tadalafil 20mg and Dapoxetine 60mg belong to the category of PDE-5 inhibitors enzymes, which are responsible for relaxing, releasing, and smoothening the blood vessels in and around the pelvic region to have a flawless and free of blood flow to maintain a steady and erection and delaying the ejaculation.        

How does Super Vidalista work?

  • This Consists of Tadalafil 20mg and Dapoxetine 60mg. These components have different functions to perform in the correction of erectile dysfunction and deleting and improving the timings of digitalization. 
  • Tadalafil is exclusively responsible for smoothening blood flow in the entire system of blood vessels. Still, more attention is given to the genital region for an
  • effective and efficient direction to be brought to the penis for satisfying and fulfilling sex. In contrast, Dapoxetine controls the secretions and fluids in the genital region. As soon as Dapoxetine is injected into the person’s body and reaches the penis, the glands accumulate to delay the ejaculation and perform at the right time.   

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Can you take every day Super Vidalista?

  • Super Vidalista is a powerful drug and can cause severe repercussions to the person’s body if taken in excess or without prescription. As a result, there must minimum gap of 48 hours between two doses of Super Vidalista. So, the person should not take doses of Super Vidalista every day. Otherwise, the body may show some severe and irrecoverable side effects. However, after getting medical assistance and a doctor’s prescription, the person can consume the pills of Super Vidalista every day. 
  • This medicine is available in different doses and amounts based on the requirement from the side of ink from erectile dysfunction and premature and untimely ejaculation. First of all, get a prescription from the doctor after undergoing a diagnosis process. It is advisable to take the pills of Super Vidalista after meals to prevent the chances of upsetting the stomach. Take the tablets (dose) with regular water without chewing, crushing, grinding, grating, or breaking to get exact and satisfactory results. Also, take all the precautions while following the course of meditation. 

 Missed Dose

  • one should never forget the doses of Super Vidalista to get the best and most effective results of the drug and wish to cure erectile dysfunction and prevent the chances of and timely and premature ejaculation. Missing those doses comes with numerous side effects and negative impacts on the wellbeing of the person consuming the tablets.
  • Primarily, the person should never forget the prescription and directions given by the doctor, but in case of emergency or mistake, should fulfill the gap immediately. However, the person should not make any effort if the subsequent dose is approaching soon. Moreover, keep the doctor updated about the erection and regulation tracker and improvements in the status.


  • excess amount of chemical in the body is as harmful as deficiency of it. One should never take Overdoses of Super Vidalista. Sometimes, the person may take more than one pill in one dose for the sake of experimenting with the erection (expecting to get a more robust and durable erection throughout the prolonged sexual intercourse) or delaying the ejaculation more than 3 to 4 hours.
  • Since Vidalista is a solid and powerful drug, one should take the amount prescribed by the doctor after undertaking the current medical conditions and body mechanism responsiveness of the person. However, suppose the ones are taken in excess. In that case, the person should inform the doctor instantly and ask for remedial medicine to compensate for the negative impact on the person’s health.  

Super Vidalista Warnings

  • This is a potent drug and should be taken after considering all the warnings in health conditions underlining to prevent the possible chances of getting adverse side effects. Moreover, the person should follow the guidelines and precautions throughout medication and even after as suggested.  
  • 1.Avoid Alcohol: The chemical ingredients of Super Vidalista are highly reactive to alcohol composition. So, the person taking and following the dose of Vidalista should avoid alcohol intake at the same time to prevent adverse health consequences. 

2.Allergic to Sildenafil or/and Dapoxetine – If the person is allergic to the chemical elements of Vidalista, they should avoid the intake of the pills to omit the probable chemical reactions and allergic resultants.   

3.Pregnant women: Vidalista pills and prescriptions are almost prohibited for women consumption who are either pregnant or planning to conceive a child. Taking doses of the medicine in such medical conditions can negatively impact the women and the child.   

4.Women breastfeeding – Consumption of Vidalista tablets by women who breastfeed their children can negatively impact the child’s health. In extreme cases, it even hampers the natural growth and pace of development of the child.       

5.Neither drive nor operate heavy machinery – Super Vidalista is a potent drug and has a good influence over the nervous system of the person consuming it. So, the person following the prescription of Super Vidalista should not drive and operate machinery under the power of the drug. 

6.Follow the doctor’s prescription – Self-medication or overdosing of Super Vidalista could prove fatal in the long term. So, the person should follow the doctor’s prescription as suggested and not overdose or miss the doses of the medicine.     

Super Vidalista Effects

Super Vidalista is high in energy and strength; thus, it comes with some mild and severe side effects on the body of the person consuming the tablets. Usually, the side effects are temporary and disappear during or at last by the end of the course. However, there are some extreme side effects of consuming the tablets of Super Vidalista; in that case, immediate medical attention and remedy medication is needed. Here are few side effects caused by Vidalista pills consumption.    

1.Flushing: As soon as the chemicals of Vidalista dissolve in the blood, it may cause flushing or redness on the entire skin of the person. Other Side Effect is a short living and disappears after some time.  

2.Headache: The person may experience frequent mild or severe headaches during or after the intake of the pills of Vidalista. But the situation is not of panic and improves in a short time. 

3.Sleeplessness and dizziness – The effect of the dose of Super Vidalista remains in the body of the person for a longer time. So, it may even bring a sense of sleeplessness or dizziness in the person consuming the pills and following the prescription.

4.Bloody nose: Not every person’s body can wear the power of Vidalista; in some cases, the pills become too much more than the body resistance and responsiveness of the person and may lead to a bloody nose. Such is sudden responsiveness of the body to the random and immediate increase in the blood flow in the blood vessels and the lungs. 

5.Burning – Super Vidalista Injection in the person’s body may not be favorable to the body mechanism. It may respond by giving a sense of burning in the throat, skin, stomach, or esophagus. Take meals before consuming the pills of Super Vidalista to reduce the possibilities of feeling burning sensations.   

6.Vision changes or sensitivity to light: The majority of the side effects of Super Vidalista are mild and short term, but there are chances that the person may experience some serial in irrecoverable side effects. Change in the vision in sensitivity to light, finding it difficult to distinguish between different colors, loss

of sight, or blurry vision is a few to be included in the list of the adverse side effects of Vidalista.    

7.Hearing loss – Along with the loss of sight, there are pretty fair chances that the person following the prescription Super Vidalista may experience hearing loss, buzzing sound, ringing in the ears, or difficulty with any sound around. But this situation arises in extreme cases and rarely.   

8.Prolonged erection and painful urination: Taking over the use of a potent drug-like Super Vidalista can bring prolonged erection to the penis or too delayed ejaculation. The person taking the pills may find it difficult while urinating, experience pain in normal condition, or may go through a phase of intent discomfort. In such cases, immediate medical attention is needed. 


How Long Does It Take for Super Vidalista? 

  • The person should follow the doctor’s prescription as suggested and directed after undergoing a thorough diagnosis and analysis of the entire medical conditions of the person. Ideally, the person who has erectile dysfunction and premature and untimely ejaculation should take the doses of Super Vidalista at least three to four hours before entering into the act of sexual intercourse. There should be a gap of at least 48 hours between two doses of Vidalista to prevent adverse health consequences and a more extended run.  

Where can I buy Super Vidalista online?

  • The person should buy Super Vidalista from online platforms only after getting a valid prescription from a certified physician. Other than that, there are numerous online platforms from where a person can purchase the tablets of Vidalista.
  • Online shops, virtual pharmacies, E-Commerce websites like ( ), manufacturing companies’ websites, and online portals are a few to name to place orders for buying the prescription of Super Vidalista. However, the person should look for reliability, credibility, confidentiality, and data furnished to the online websites. They should check the reviews, feedback, comments, and previous purchases of the existing users. 

Super Vidalista, how long does it last?

  • The essence of Super Vidalista remains in the body of the consumer for a period of 4 to 5 hours. However, the duration may differ depending upon body responsiveness, medical conditions, and doses and amounts of Super Vidalista (as per doctor’s prescription). For better results and regularly scheduled sex, the person should take the pills at the same and exact time and intervals.     

Can I take Super Vidalista Tadalafil with Alcohol?

  • No. The person should never take Super Vidalista along with the consumption of alcohol. The reaction between the chemical composition of Super Vidalista and the ingredients of the drink may deteriorate the wellbeing and health of the process.

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