How Long Does Tadalafil Last?

How Long Does Tadalafil Last

How Long Does Tadalafil Last?

Talking about Tadalafil, it’s a perfect treatment for erectile dysfunction. It’s a prescription-only drug available in different strengths according to sexual activities. The most crucial fact to ponder is that Tadalafil lasts 36 hours. The best part is that men suffering from erection-related problems can now consume the daily option, which helps them get continuous effects. 

A better piece of advice for every man suffering from the ED is to follow the doctor’s prescriptions well when consuming Tadalafil. If anybody wants to pursue the daily option to get the common effect in sexual activities, paying attention to the dosage is vital. 

What is Tadalafil?

Simply put, it’s a medicine that professionals prescribe for men with erectile dysfunction. ED is a disease caused by several reasons like anxiety, stress, unbalanced life, weakness in the body, and through unhealthy diet. Men suffering from ED don’t get a proper erection during sexual activities with their partners and don’t last long in bed. 

To overcome such problems, doctors prescribe the patients with Tadalafil as it assists in keeping an erection and improving the sex drive. The medicine comes in different types of shapes but mainly in tablets. One has to consume it with water orally. Most men find it effective for treating ED. 

Understanding How Tadalafil Works

While indulging in sexual activities, the blood flow is the main attribute that makes an erection. When blood flows in the penis, a man gets a proper erection and prepares for better sexual activity. Which is responsible for sexual arousal. When the user of Tadalafil gets sexual arousal, a chemical in his body is released called PDE5. 

It helps the penis to get into a flaccid state. ED is caused by premature PDE5 in most cases. The medicine is also known as a PDE5 inhibitor which works to stop the chemical production and enhance the blood flow in the penis to arouse a man sexually. The medicine doesn’t trigger an erection, and its effect remains for 36 hours, no longer than that.

Is Tadalafil Safe?

The medicine, i.e., Tadalafil, is an approved medication for treating ED. It’s completely safe to use but only after relying on the precautions suggested by the professionals. Although the medicine is safe and effective, there are still certain conditions where men with ED avoid consuming it. Some of the main situations when men should not take it are as follows –

  • Individuals who have an allergic reaction don’t have to consume it.
  • Men with heart (heart attack, stroke, low and high blood pressure) and liver-related problems can’t take it.

Also, when anyone goes through pre-existing medicines, discussing them first with the doctors is advisable.

How long before Tadalafil daily starts working?

Well, the daily dosage option of Tadalafil comes in a small amount, i.e., 5mg. The dosage amount is low because men have to consume the medication daily to treat ED and get a better erection. Consuming high dosages that daily can cause several problems. Consuming Tadalafil daily can take 3 to 5 days to create the proper system. 

Once users get enough in their bloodstream, they get a consistent effect of it and avoid scheduled doses to get instant results. But men should remember that the daily option of Tadalafil is only followed only when strictly prescribed by professionals.

How should I take Tadalafil for erectile dysfunction?

Well, right now, there are two ways to intake Tadalafil for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction. The first way is as per the need, and another is daily. When anyone wants to consume it as per the need, one should consume only one pill daily. Man must consume the pill before 30 minutes of performing sexual acts. For changing, doses, men should ponder their doctors. 

When preferring the daily option of Tadalafil, one should take a small medicine dosage regularly. The cycle of the medication should be carefully followed, i.e., at the same time every day. It can be orally consumed with water without or with food. Between the daily medication, men can anytime perform sexual activities.

Are you ready to try the "Weekend Pill"?

If you consider Tadalafil, it’s crucial to speak to the professionals first. Relying on their prescriptions to consume it for treating ED is the only way to get positive results by avoiding side effects. Consuming it with the right precautions is the best way to get the best effect. 

Whenever any man is prescribed Tadalafil for improving their erection, then the person should pick the best or authorized source to get the medicine. Dealing safely and having proper medication only gives men a healthy and happy sexual life. 

Men don’t have to enhance the dosage without their doctors’ recommendations. They either have to stick to the daily option of Tadalafil or consume only the prescribed dosage to enjoy sexual activities. By properly using Tadalafil, men suffering from ED can make their boring weekends wonderful by getting a better erection and enjoying sexual activities. 

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